Grants up to $6,250 now available to assist businesses in Parry Sound Muskoka upgrade their technology

John Finley, Chair of Parry Sound Muskoka Community Network (PMCN), is pleased to announce that due torecent changes, a FedNor grant known as STAMP (Small Business Technology Assessment Monitoring and Planning) has now been expanded to include businesses in Parry Sound Muskoka.

STAMP assists businesses to address information and communication technology (ICT) obstacles, such as a lack of IT knowledge and/or capital for internal technological assessments and upgrades.

STAMP is for established businesses operating on a full-time basis as well as established seasonal businesses,such as tourism operations. Hobby and part-time businesses are not eligible.

STAMP helps fund businesses to:
1) have their ICT assessed by a qualified consultant who helps the business owners define their ICT objectives and ensure that the right technology, in relation to their business, is selected to achievethe desired outcomes; and
2) acquire products and services identified in the consultant’s report.

STAMP covers 75% of the assessment cost (up to a maximum of $3,750) and 50% of the costs to acquireproducts and services identified in the consultant’s report (up to a maximum total grant of $6,250).

The consultant selected by the business will review all aspects of the business’ ICT operations and provide areport that outlines strengths and weaknesses and identifies opportunities to improve ICT efficiencies.

This STAMP grant is administered by PMCN’s sister organisation NEOnet (based in Timmins).

NEOnet assists businesses through the grant process but does not provide any financial contribution untilafter the consultation, report and exit survey have been completed; and the applicable receipts andinformation have been reviewed and approved.

For more information, please:
Email NEOnet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
Call Laura at 705-360-1353 x 34 or
Visit the website: